Small Bone Ex Fix

Product Listings for Small Bone Ex Fix
Ellis Mini-Fixator External
Flexible fixator for hand and foot surgery. The Ellis external mi ... [more]
EpiUno™ Fixation System
Dynamic disposable fixation system for metaphyseal fractures In ... [more]
External Finger Brace (Prod 5618)
Custom made external finger brace. ... [more]
FEF- Finger External Fixator (Prod 825)
FINGER EXTERNAL FIXATOR: For phalangeal fixations. Uses 1.5 mm pi ... [more]
Ilizarov Small Bone Fixation System (Prod 799)
For small bone, pediatric and upper extremity applications ... [more]
Mini External Fixator (Prod 764)
For the treatment of small bone fractures and osteotomies. ... [more]
Mini External Fixator Device
External Fixator Device ... [more]
MINIFIX (Prod 5149)
This adult small bone and infant / child External Fixator is a mu ... [more]
Mini external fixation device. ... [more]
The MiniFlo External fixator is designed for hand surgery using a ... [more]
MiniRail Fixator (Prod 1739)
The MiniRail system is a stable solution for deformity correction ... [more]
NBX Hand (Prod 1801171)
Minimally invasive - There is no dissection; fixation is based on ... [more]
Pennig Minifixator (Prod 1740)
For metacarpal and phalangeal fractures of the hand. ... [more]
S-Quattro (Prod 7708)
The S-Quattro has been developed as a versatile system to achieve ... [more]
Small Bone Distractor
Low profile fixator that permits up to 20mm of adjustment for dis ... [more]
Small Bone Fixator
For hand injuries. ... [more]
Smart System (Prod 6480)
The Smart System is a modular external fixator for use on small b ... [more]