Thigh (Above Knee) DME

Product Listings for Thigh (Above Knee) DME
Groin Strap
This groin strap constructed of pressure-sensitive contact closur ... [more]
Groin Strap 300 (Prod 6336)
Unequalled for effectiveness and time-saving when dealing with th ... [more]
HKAFO & KAFO Femoral Fracture Orthosis (Prod 4195)
Custom fabricated femoral fracture orthoses. Available in variou ... [more]
Thigh Sleeve
This thigh sleeve provides firm compression and soothing warmth f ... [more]
Thigh Sleeve 500 (Prod 6335)
Beneficial in the treatment of thigh and groin pulls. Sleeve prov ... [more]
Thomas Splint with Pearson Attachment (Prod 11424)
For traction management of femoral fractures ... [more]