Compression Screws

Product Listings for Compression Screws
3.0mm and 4.3mm Qwix Compression Screw (Prod 7047)
The Qwix Screw is designed for correction and fixation of osteoto ... [more]
Acutrak (Prod 1939)
Headless compression screw system. ... [more]
Acutrak 2 Headless Compression Screw (Prod 7480)
The Acutrak 2 Headless Compression Screw is the next generation i ... [more]
Apss (Prod 150208)
“Calcaneo-stop” design. Esotarsalsinus antipronational implan ... [more]
Ars (Prod 150208)
3.0 mm titanium alloy Ti6Al4v (iso 5832-3) headless cannulated (1 ... [more]
ArthroBridge™ (Prod 1601092)
ArthroBridge™ is a titanium cannulated compression screw paired ... [more]
Bio-Compression Screw
2.7 mm. For periarticular fractures. Absorbable. Stepped pitch ... [more]
CarpalFix System (Prod 1601097)
The CarpalFix System is intended for the reduction and internal f ... [more]
Charlotte Compression Screws
Charlotte 7.0 Multi-Use Compression Screw. Charlotte Multi-Use C ... [more]
CoLag Locking Compression Screw System (Prod 1708209)
The CoLag Locking Compression Screw System is an entirely new con ... [more]
Compression Screw
Self-drilling, self-tapping compression screw. Buried head to av ... [more]
Compression Screw (Prod 150530)
The Compression Screw is engineered from Titanium and is indicate ... [more]
DCS (Dynamic Condylar Screw)
DCS (Dynamic Condylar Screw) is designed to provide strong and st ... [more]
DynafitSystem (Prod 150325)
DynafitSystem are mini-kits that offer a range of implants adapte ... [more]
dynaMX Headless Compression Screws (Prod 150224)
This screw foreshortens to generate and maintain compression acro ... [more]
FIXOS Compression Screw System (Prod 8558)
The FIXOS System offers two options for the small bone fixation a ... [more]
Footmotion (Prod 150110)
The FOOTMOTION range offers a complete set of self-compressive sc ... [more]
Harpoon Fixation System (Prod 7559)
Compression screw for percutaneous use in small bone fractures of ... [more]
I.B.S.® (Prod 150208)
The I.B.S.® compression and neutralisation screws are cannulated ... [more]
Internal Drive Mini-Screw System (Prod 150404)
Internal Drive Mini-Screw System – Snap Off Technology. Fast, a ... [more]
Kompressor Compression Screw (Prod 4758)
The Kompressor screw was developed for the reduction and fixation ... [more]
Lagwire (Prod 9109)
A Minimally Invasive Trauma System product. ... [more]
Little Grafter™ Screw System (Prod 5462)
Effective fixation and a fully absorbable scaffold for new bone g ... [more]
Millennium Compression Screw
Tri-Flute positive rake cutting tip. Available in 1mm incremen ... [more]
Mini Slant (Prod 150208)
2,7 mm titanium alloy Ti6Al4v (iso 5832-3) headless cannulated (0 ... [more]
Omnitech® Large System (Prod 1505098)
The Omnitech® Large system is an osteosynthesis system for large ... [more]
Omnitech® System (Prod 1505099)
The Omnitech® system is an osteosynthesis system intended mainly ... [more]
Opposing Force Compression Screw System (Prod 150404)
Fast, and easy to use. All components in one package to shorten p ... [more]
PDR - Double Thread Compression Screws (Prod 872)
Cannulated self-tapping double thread compression screw set. Stai ... [more]
Pogo Screw (Prod 9110)
For constant dynamic compression across the fracture site. ... [more]