Interference Screws / Wedges: Absorbable

Product Listings for Interference Screws / Wedges: Absorbable
Absolute (Prod 2448)
Absorbable Interference Screw ... [more]
ActivaScrew Interference (Prod 1606302)
Interference screw indicated for fixation of tissue, including li ... [more]
AlloAnchor Allografts (Prod 2159)
Sports Medicine Allografts ... [more]
Bilok ACL Screw (Prod 5398)
The Bilok ACL screw is an absorbable synthetic calcium composite ... [more]
Bilok Screw (Prod 3839)
Composite interference screw of calcium phosphate and an absorbab ... [more]
Bilok ST Screw (Prod 5399)
The Bilok ST Screw is an absorbable screw used as a Transverse Su ... [more]
Bio-Core Interference Screw (Prod 6487)
LactoSorb L15 resorbable interference screw that can be filled wi ... [more]
Bio-Cortical Interference Screw, Distal (Prod 596)
The 50 degree angled distal tibial screw provides maximum apposit ... [more]
Bio-Cortical Interference Screw, Proximal (Prod 597)
The proximal tibial screw maximizes fixation in cortical bone, in ... [more]
Bio-TransFix (Prod 589)
Absorbable ACL fixation device ... [more]
Bioabsorbable Interference Screws (Prod 4692)
Primarily amorphous PLLA screws. Round Delta Tapered Bio-Interfe ... [more]
BioactIF OSTEOTRANS (Prod 1606132)
Bioactive and bioresorbable interference screws for ACL and PCL r ... [more]
A complete line of 23 bioabsorbable implants allowing for multipl ... [more]
Bioscrew (Prod 1464)
Bio-absorbable interference screw.  Poly (L-Lactic Acid) ... [more]
Biosteon ACL Screws (Prod 4168)Biosteon ACL Screws (Prod 4168)
Bioabsorbable implants which contain polymers such as poly L-lact ... [more]
Biosteon Wedge ACL Screw
Absorbable interference screws can offer the benefits of reducing ... [more]
Biosure HA Interference Screw
The Biosure HA screw is designed from PLA-HA, a bioabsorbable co ... [more]
Biosure Sync
Intra-tunnel, tibial fixation device that offers greater tendon-t ... [more]
CALAXO Osteoconductive Interference Screw (Prod 6783)
Promotes bone regrowth after ACL reconstruction. As the screw is ... [more]
CoLS PEEK Fixation Screws (Prod 12026)
These non-metal screws, made out of PEEK material, are designed f ... [more]
CorIS Interference Screws
Sports Medicine Allografts ... [more]
CROSS Lig Interference Screws (Prod 12025)
CROSS lig interference screws are injected into the Duosorb® ... [more]
Delta Tapered Bio-Interference Screw (Prod 590)
The 35 mm length PLLA screw tapers 1.5 mm proximal to distal whic ... [more]
Eclipse Bioabsorbable Interference Screws (Prod 9263)
Eclipse┬« femoral screw, atraumatic curved head, length 23 mm, ├ś ... [more]
Euroscrew / Euroscrew TCP (Prod 11220)
Euroscrew is an absorbable interference screw for cruciate ligame ... [more]
Genesys Matryx Biocomposite Interference Screw
One of the smallest biocomposite interference screws available on ... [more]
Gentle Thread Resorbable Interference Screw (Prod 214)
Absorbable ACL interference fixation. ... [more]
Hexalon Biodegradable Screw
The Hexalon Biodegradable Screw is a coloured biodegradable screw ... [more]