Suture Anchors: Permanent

Product Listings for Suture Anchors: Permanent
Adhoc Claw (Prod 3335)
Offers a safe and simple solution for mini-open rotator cuff repa ... [more]
ALLthread Suture Anchors (Prod 7726)
ALLthread III Titanium anchor and ALLthread PEEK Optima Copolymer ... [more]
Anchortek (Prod 814)
Non-Threaded Anchor for Soft Tissue Reattachment ... [more]
AppianFx™ can be used for arthroscopic tenodesis knee procedure ... [more]
Arthroscopic Knotless Cuff Anchor
Rotator cuff suture anchor. Security of an open procedure with a ... [more]
Axya Polymer Suture Implant (Prod 7687)
Radiolucent suture anchor. Less expensive than metal or bioabsor ... [more]
Axya Titanium Suture Anchors (Prod 2776)
Unique Self Starting Thread Design (5mm only). Allows for a Quick ... [more]
Bone Button (Prod 3533)
Bone button anchors constructed from allograft bone for use in ro ... [more]
Carpal Anchor System (Prod 1711071)
The Carpal Anchor System is a unique approach to intricate ligame ... [more]
Collared Harpoon Suture Anchor (Prod 283)
Direct impaction into bone. ... [more]
Collarless Harpoon Suture Anchor (Prod 284)
Impaction through soft tissue then bone. ... [more]
Contour Labral Nail
The Contour™ Labral Nail is made of a proprietary Self-Rein ... [more]
Corkscrew FT
The proximal threads are designed to engage the thin cortical she ... [more]
Corlink Ligament Anchor System
For use with a hamstring graft ACL reconstruction. Designed to el ... [more]
Cuff Link
Aggressive rehabilitation after rotator cuff surgery can cause th ... [more]
Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor (Prod 1501240)
Eclipse™ Soft Tissue Anchor is a new shape memory fixation devi ... [more]
Endoflip (Prod 2416)
Designed by Dr Giovanni Zaccherotti from Florence, Italy the Endo ... [more]
EZLoc Femoral Fixation Device (Prod 6033)
For ACL reconstruction Titanium implant that captures the corti ... [more]
FASTak Suture Anchor
Includes handle and FiberWire suture. ... [more]
FASTIN RC (Prod 7016)
FASTIN RC is a threaded titanium anchor, specifically designed fo ... [more]
FASTIN Threaded Anchors (Prod 2429)
The FASTIN Threaded Anchors (3.0mm) are ideal for soft tissue rea ... [more]
Footprint PK Suture Anchor
Allows adjustment of the suture tension across the cuff tissue af ... [more]
GII Anchor
The GII Anchor is a small size Anchor with high pull out strength ... [more]
Herculon (Prod 9844)
Herculon™ is a non-absorbable fixation system for use in va ... [more]
HERCULON Soft Tissue Fixation System (Prod 8619)
The Driver is supplied in two versions, one for use arthroscopica ... [more]
ICONIX all suture anchor platform
The ICONIX all suture anchor fixation platform features: •Anc ... [more]
Insite™ FT Suture Anchors (Prod 150421)
The Insite™ FT suture anchors feature a fully-threaded body to ... [more]