Cervical Spine DME

Product Listings for Cervical Spine DME
Aspen Cervical Collars
Improves patient compliance, prevent skin breakdown and reduce ov ... [more]
Becker Swivel Cervical Orthosis
Model C-10 is a four post cervical orthosis which controls flexio ... [more]
BELMONT Collar (Prod 7031)
Belmont Collar. Multiple sizes. Complete circumferential cervica ... [more]
Carolina Collar (Prod 3972)
Two-piece construction allows precise application. Radiolucent. ... [more]
Cervi-Hit Cervical Collar (Prod 2334)
Previously available from Streifeneder USA. ... [more]
Cervi-med forte
Anatomically shaped cervical support with reinforcement. ... [more]
Cervicadyn Cervical Collar (Prod 2336)
Previously available from Streifeneder USA. ... [more]
Cervical Collar
The medium density foam cervical collar is constructed with vinyl ... [more]
Cervical Collar (Prod 6201)
A high quality polyester foam collar with a hypoallergenic stocki ... [more]
Cervical Collars (Prod 1504)
The structure of the collar was engineered to provide substantial ... [more]
Cervical Orthotics (Prod 7407)
Soft and rigid collars. Four-poster orthoses. MRI compatible ha ... [more]
Cervilastic Cervical Collar (Prod 2335)
Previously available from Streifeneder USA. ... [more]
Cervitrac Ambulatory Air Traction Collar  (Prod 9671 C918.15Cervitrac Ambulatory Air Traction Collar (Prod 9671 C918.15
Features Ambulatory cervical traction treatment Reduces pres ... [more]
Collar, Philadelphia Pediatric
Plastazote® with plastic anterior and posterior reinforcement ... [more]
Deluxe Over-the-door Cervical Traction Kit (Prod 1953)
This kit includes two pulleys, 10 feet of traction cord. Heavy ... [more]
Deluxe Over-the-Door Cervical Traction Kit (Prod 6203)
The kit includes 10' of traction cord, heavy duty 12" spreader ba ... [more]
Deluxe Padded Head Halter (Prod 6202)
Constructed of tri-laminate tricot / foam / canvas. Hook and loop ... [more]
Exo-Static Collar
Cervical stabilization from neutral to full positions. Automatic ... [more]
Exo-Static Collar with Chin Piece (Prod 4738)
Provides the ultimate in cervical immobility. The chin piece prev ... [more]
Ezy Wrap Economy Contour Cervical Collar
Economy Contour Cervical Collar Medium-density urethane foam. Syn ... [more]
Foam Cervical Collar
Medium-firm density. Breathable. Deeply anatomically contoured. N ... [more]
Foam Collar (Prod 3422)
Medium firm density, breathable foam Toddler to adolescent size ... [more]
Adjustable in height to provide desired flexion & extension posit ... [more]
Lerman Noninvasive Pediatric Halo System (Prod 7779)
Used in the management of a variety of pediatric cervical spine d ... [more]
Low Density Cervical Collar
Special contour design low density collar. Available in four size ... [more]
Malibu Soft Cervical Collar
Model C-18 is made of Kydex and soft closed cell padding. ... [more]
Marlin' Cervical Orthosis
Comfort and immobilization with its semirigid molded polyethylene ... [more]