Spine Rod Systems

Product Listings for Spine Rod Systems
Altius M-INI Spinal Fixation System (Prod 5166)
Universal occipito-certivo-thoracic system for reconstruction of ... [more]
Altius OCT System (Prod 4008)
Universal occipito-cervicothoracic fusion system. Low-profile oc ... [more]
ALTOS® PCT (Prod 1601291)
The first FDA cleared posterior cervical thoracic system specific ... [more]
Ascent LE Posterior Occipital Cervico-Thoracic (POCT) System (Prod 9021)
The Ascent LE™ POCT system allows surgeons to address compl ... [more]
C-LINK Spinal Fixation System
The C-Link spinal fixation system used for cervical posterior fix ... [more]
CD Horizon Antares Spinal System (Prod 1307)
Rod based system for the management of thoracic, thoracolumbar, a ... [more]
CD Horizon BalanC Spinal System (Prod 12155)
The CD HORIZON BalanC™ Spinal System has received its CE Ma ... [more]
CD Horizon Legacy Spinal Systems (Prod 4009)
G4 Technology. Refined pedicle screw instrumentation. Reverse-a ... [more]
CD Horizon Solera Spinal System (Prod 150124)
The CD HORIZON® SOLERA® Spinal System is a fifth-generati ... [more]
CD Horizon Solera Voyager System (Prod 150710)
CD Horizon Solera Voyager System expands upon the transforaminal ... [more]
Centurion Posterior Occipital Cervico-Thoracic (POCT) ​System (Prod 150527)
The Centurion Posterior Occipital Cervico-Thoracic (POCT) ​Syst ... [more]
Cervi-Link (Prod 750)
A posterior, cervical rod and plate system designed to stabilize ... [more]
Cobra/Soprano Cervicothoracic Spinal Fixation System
The Cobra/Soprano Cervicothoracic Spinal Fixation System provides ... [more]
Contour II (Prod 8538)
The Contour II Degenerative Low Back System is a rod based lumbar ... [more]
Dynafix (Prod 880)
A dynamic fixator used for spine stabilization. ... [more]
Dynamic TTL-Rod (Prod 5816)
Unique shock absorption design allows for controlled movement in ... [more]
EASYS Crosslink (Prod 7275)
Universal Crosslink Connector fits all rod diameters from 5.0 to ... [more]
The LDR Spine product, Easyspine, will be distributed and support ... [more]
Easyspine® Pedicle Screw System (Prod 7944)
Easyspine® is an innovative system that features a simplified su ... [more]
EG Posterior Cervical Rod System (Prod 9326)
Pedicular and sub laminar hook. Screw connectors place the rod ... [more]
Expedium SFX (Prod 7903)
Top-loading design and snap-fit feature to simplify cross-connect ... [more]
Gibralt Spinal System (Prod 11860)
The Gibralt Spinal System is a comprehensive solution for posteri ... [more]
Harrington System
Harrington instrumentation is used for operative stabilization, f ... [more]
ICI Polaris (Prod 5197)
Helical Flange technology. 6.35 diam. rod. Unique closing syste ... [more]
Isobar TTL (Prod 7274)
Versatile Lumbar Osteosynthesis posterior system for thoraco-lumb ... [more]
Isobar TTL Po (Prod 529)
System allows the use of either "U" Screws or Hemispherical Screw ... [more]
ISOLA/VSP Spine System (Prod 1073)
A comprehensive and versatile hook, rod and screw system that can ... [more]
The smooth rod design allows for rod contouring to correct kyphos ... [more]