Hemireplacement Prostheses

Product Listings for Hemireplacement Prostheses
Answer (Prod 457)
Forged CoCrMo, tapered stem geometry ... [more]
Austin Moore Endprosthesis (Prod 5677)
Stainless steel XL series Head diameters from 37mm to 55mm in 2 ... [more]
EXCEL Hip Fracture System
A cost-effective option for the treatment of simple femoral neck ... [more]
Fixion Hip System (Prod 4121)
The Fixion® MH Hemi-Hip System is a modular hemiarthroplasty ... [more]
Hip Fracture
Forged CoCr 3o bi-planar, can be cemented or press-fit ... [more]
Modular Austin Moore Solid (Prod 842)
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) ... [more]
MultiSet Adapter System (Prod 724)
Mono-Head and Bipolar options ... [more]
U1 EUnited Moore Stem (Prod 179)
Co-Cr-Mo based material (ASTM-F75) 19 sizes from 38mm to 56mm ... [more]
Unipolar System
Full range of sizes, from 40 to 55 mm in 1 mm increments, and 57, ... [more]
VarioFit Classic
The VarioFit® Classic hip prosthesis is comprised of a femora ... [more]
VerSys Hip System LD/Fx (Cemented)
Cemented total hip arthroplasty for fracture ... [more]
VerSys Hip System LD/Fx (Press Fit)
Uncemented total hip arthroplasty for fracture ... [more]