Surgery Simulators

Product Listings for Surgery Simulators
AsTris 1.0 (Prod 160418)
AsTris 1.0 is designed to help doctors get the experience they ne ... [more]
insightArthroVR System
Immersion Medical supports several areas of medical simulation tr ... [more]
Minimally Invasive Training System (Prod 9555)
3-Dmed is the innovator and manufacturer of the "Minimally Invasi ... [more]
Shoulder Dislocation Simulator (Prod 2003161 PS316)Shoulder Dislocation Simulator (Prod 2003161 PS316)
Simulator that gives a realistic reduction of anterior dislocatio ... [more]
Xitactâ„¢ IHP (Prod 9241)
Haptic device designed to track the motion of a surgical instrume ... [more]