Shoulder Suture Anchors

Product Listings for Shoulder Suture Anchors
AC GraftRope
Combines strength and simplicity plus a collagen component for ac ... [more]
Basic Shoulder Tray with Anchors (Prod 1502135)
The Basic Shoulder Tray is a single product offering that include ... [more]
BioComposite SwiveLock® (Prod 10343)
5.5 mm, vented BioComposite SwiveLock®. Vents enhance blood flo ... [more]
CHEVILLE & VIS (Prod 150530)
CHEVILLE and VIS are indicated for the fixation of LIGASTIC® in ... [more]
Complete Shoulder Tray with Anchors (Prod 1502137)
The Complete Shoulder Tray with Anchors is a single product offer ... [more]
Draw Tight Suture Anchors (Prod 1412311)
Deployable suture based anchor featuring the PEEK Power Tip for i ... [more]
Gryphon® Suture Anchors with ProKnot™ Technology (Prod 1411102)
Arthroscopic hybrid anchor for hip and shoulder instability. ... [more]
All HEALICOIL Suture Anchors use a unique, open-architecture desi ... [more]
HEALIX ADVANCE™ KNOTLESS Anchor, a new suture anchor designed t ... [more]
Insite™ Polymer Suture Implants (Prod 11188)
Polymer Suture Implants meet the needs of cost-conscious surgeons ... [more]
Spartan 6.5 Needled Anchor (Prod 11468)
The Spartan device is a preloaded threaded anchor for physicians ... [more]
SpeedBridge (Prod 10698)
Knotless Double Row Footprint Rotator Cuff Reconstruction M ... [more]
SpeedFix™ - Knotless Single Row Repair: • Small nonretracted ... [more]
SureLock All-Suture Anchor System (Prod 150328)
SureLock All-Suture Anchor System has been developed for surgerie ... [more]
Suture Tak
For glenoid labrum repair. 2.4 mm BioComposite with a percutaneo ... [more]
SUTUREFIX Ultra Soft Suture Anchor (Prod 150207)
Indicated for use in both hip and shoulder labral repair, this ne ... [more]
SwiveLock® C (Prod 10699)
SwiveLock C™ • The only fully threaded, bioabsorbable, knotl ... [more]
SwiveLock® SP (Prod 10700)
SwiveLock SP™ • Self-punching design eliminates the need for ... [more]