Standing Assist Devices

Product Listings for Standing Assist Devices
Bed-Couch Push Up Bars (Prod 8886)
Sitting down or getting up from a bed or a sofa can be a painful ... [more]
Dynamic Standers (Prod 11345)
The Dynamic Stander gives children who would otherwise be wheelch ... [more]
Evenup (Prod 11677)
A device to equalize patient's limb length and reduce body strain ... [more]
Prone Standers (Prod 11344)
The Prone Standers are designed to provide the user with the bene ... [more]
ReWalk™ Personal System
ReWalk™ Personal System for home and community use. The ReWalk ... [more]
ReWalk™ Rehabilitation
ReWalk Rehabilitation is designed for the clinical rehabilitation ... [more]
Supine Standers (Prod 11343)
In the Supine Standers, clients can stand at eye level with their ... [more]