Miscellaneous Power Equipment Accessories

Product Listings for Miscellaneous Power Equipment Accessories
Disposable Lubricant/Diffuser Cartridge (Prod 2961)
The innovative Lubricant/Diffuser Cartridge is a single-use unit ... [more]
Multiple Outlet Manifold (MOM) (Prod 6838)
The Multiple Outlet Manifold or MOM, allows five air instruments ... [more]
Power Cords (Prod 1603042)
Hospital-grade power cords and cord sets Replacement cords ... [more]
Universal Adaptor (Prod 9812)
A Universal Adaptor that allows you to charge or test almost any ... [more]
Zen Wireless Footswitch and Adaptor (Prod 9513)
Eliminates the need for wires from the footswitch to the power co ... [more]