Materials Manufacturing

Product Listings for Materials Manufacturing
3M Abrasive Systems (Prod 7195)
3M abrasives meet the demands for consistent finishes and tight t ... [more]
ABM Composite Technology (Prod 1802122)
The ABM composite technology combines already clinically approved ... [more]
The Acusure® range includes a series of advanced coatings tha ... [more]
Agluna® (Prod 11899)
Agluna® is a surface modification technology applied during the ... [more]
Optimizing alloys for the orthopaedic industry. Alloys are select ... [more]
alpha - tricalcium phosphate
Manufacturing of alpha-tricalcium phosphate. The powder is sinter ... [more]
Amrel Foam (Prod 7570)
Super soft, extremely absorbent, lint-free, and highly breatheabl ... [more]
Antimicrobial Coatings
Covalon Technologies Ltd.has been approved for research funding f ... [more]
Artelon (Prod 1703169)
Artelon is a novel biomaterial designed and tested for orthopedic ... [more]
Articulated Arms / Holding Systems
Fisso articulated arms can be positioned easily in any desired po ... [more]
BALIMED™ PVD Coatings (Prod 2007139)
Contents Helps instruments become more wear-resistant, improvin ... [more]
Bio Ceramics (Prod 6960)
Bio Ceramics is available for various types of artificial bones a ... [more]
Bioactive Ceramics
Bioactive ceramics can be used in a wide variety of applications ... [more]
Biocement is a mineral calcium phosphate bone cement. Several bon ... [more]
Biocompatible Device Coatings
We design and manufacture systems to deposit ultra-thin metallic ... [more]
Biocompatible Shape Memory Polymers (BIO-SMP) (Prod 9614)
mNEMOSCIENCE GmbH is a privately held company that is specialized ... [more]
Biodegradable Polymers
The key attributes of all these different categories of biodegrad ... [more]
BioDur Alloys
AccuRod material is used when machining components with stringent ... [more]
Biolox® is a ceramic component for hip joint replacement. It ... [more]
Biomanufacturing Services
Therapure Biopharma Inc. provides a range of services to clients ... [more]
BioMg®250 (Prod 1506192)
Biomedical Bioabsorbable Implants Fixation in knees ... [more]
BioTy™ (Prod 160304)
BioTy™ is a modified surface treatment for use on their Headles ... [more]
BIOVAL Stainless Steel (Prod 7235)
BIOVAL is offered in HRAP wire rod, cold drawn rounds, hex, squar ... [more]
Bovine Tissue and Fluid Cultures
Bovine Cartilage Cultures, Synovial Tissue Cultures and Synovial ... [more]
Bracesox is an absorbant sleeve used to protect the skin under br ... [more]
Breathe-O-Prene® - Prod 11798
Named for its breathable open-cell polyurethane construction The ... [more]
Breathe-O-Prene® ThinSkin - Prod 11800
The most lightweight offering from the Breathe-O-Prene® product ... [more]
Carbon Composites Materials (Prod 7716)
Provides carbon composite materials for external fixation, radiol ... [more]