Lumbar Spine Instruments

Product Listings for Lumbar Spine Instruments
ALARA Neuro Access Needle (Prod 2002222)
Pedicle screw guide that allows surgeons to choose the exposed ne ... [more]
Black Mamba™
Lateral lumbar retractor. ... [more]
Disposable Spine Implant Fixation Kit (Prod 150127)
The Disposable Spine Implant Fixation Kit “features a full ... [more]
DSG™ Threaded Drill (Prod 151002)
The DSG™ (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) Threaded Drill system ... [more]
Evolution SRK Lumbar Systems (Prod 6416)
Lumbar spine revision system. Previously available from Beere Pre ... [more]
GhosTract Radiolucent Retractor Kit
The GhosTract radiolucent retractor kit is a set of table-mounted ... [more]
Gray Multiflex Long Arm Retractor (Prod 6795)
This is a generic wishbone style retractor.The two arms of the re ... [more]
Lateral Retractor System (150702)
This cost effective, off the shelf system was built around the p ... [more]
Lodestar Pedicle Drill Guide (Prod 150206)
Features & Benefits: Precise millimetric guidance of K-wir ... [more]
Lucent Controlled Delivery Guns (Prod 150131)
Placement of interbody devices is reproducible and consistent. Ea ... [more]
MAS® (Maximum Access Surgery) (Prod 1804075)
MAS® (Maximum Access Surgery) is an ALIF retractor platform for ... [more]
Medius Midline Retractor System (Prod 150710)
The Medius Midline Retractor System is a low profile, feature-ric ... [more]
OrtoWell® Distractor (Prod 160409)
The OrtoWell® Distractor is a hydraulically powered system that ... [more]
Palisade™ Pedicular Fixation System (Prod 160508)
The Palisade Pedicular Fixation System is designed to minimize su ... [more]
Phantom XL3™ Lateral Access System (Prod 1804041)
The Phantom XL3™ Lateral Access System is designed for lumbar s ... [more]
Phantom XL™ Extreme Lateral Retractor Set (Prod 1804045)
The Phantom XL™ Extreme Lateral Retractor Set provides exposure ... [more]
Pivotec (Prod 11018)
Pivotec™ is a patented pivotal implant delivery system that ... [more]
PLIF/ TLIF/Oblique Inserter (Prod 150727)
Disposable; provided pre-assembled with implant; rotate knob cloc ... [more]
POWEREASE System (Prod 12238)
The POWEREASE™ System is specifically designed for use in i ... [more]
Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.516)Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.516)
Radiolucent, carbon fiber, peek retractor frame ... [more]