Product Listings for Saws
1000E Series Wrenchless Micro-Oscillating Saw Module (Prod 2090)
Oscillating Saw Module, Wrenchless, 24,000 CPM. ... [more]
Bone Saws & Blades (Prod 3653)
Surgical bone saws are manufactured in all sizes and fittings. Th ... [more]
Eclipse Oscillating Saw
Single use, disposable saw. Ideal for use in orthopaedic osteotom ... [more]
Eclipse Reciprocating Saw
Single use, disposable saw. Designed for use when performing tran ... [more]
Eclipse Sternum Saw
For use in thoracic surgery. Compared to reusable power equipment ... [more]
Large Bone Saws / Small Bone Saws
Modular: Single handpiece for all attachments. Lithium ion batt ... [more]
Micro Hand Saws (Prod 3526)
The "Osseoscalpel" Micro Saw with oscillating hub, Oscillating Mi ... [more]
Oscillating Micro Saw
PM-M13-200 This handpiece saw has a 22,000 cpm speed and accepts ... [more]
Platinum Series Micro Line Saws
Sagittal and Reciprocating Saws. Bur guards and hoses available. ... [more]
Precision Oscillating Tip Saw (Prod 7693)
Saw without a moving blade shaft. Only the tip oscillates. Vibr ... [more]
PRO6350M Mpower® 2 Battery Powered Oscillating Saw (Prod 10208)
The PRO6350M is the latest addition to the Mpower® 2 battery pow ... [more]
Sagittal Micro Saw
PM-M12-200 The sagittal saw has a speed of 100-18,000 cpm and ac ... [more]
Terra Disposable cordless Oscillating Saw(AT 3.0 AS)
The Terra cordless Oscillating Saw is engineered to cut bone in o ... [more]
Triton High Torque Handpiece (Prod 2964)
The Triton® High Torque Handpiece is a saw handpiece with a c ... [more]
Triton Micro-Saw Handpieces (Prod 2965)
The compact Micro-Saw Handpieces are available in Sagittal, Oscil ... [more]
Tuke Saw
The Tuke Saw air powered hand unit drives the blade or brush thro ... [more]