Pharmaceutical Services

Product Listings for Pharmaceutical Services
AHCS Medication Dispensing
Medication Dispensing Solutions for Workers Compensation Patients ... [more]
BillingScripts Rx
This is an adjudication program that enables physicians to accept ... [more]
Cash and Carry Dispensing
The Cash and Carry Dispensing program is a way to increase patien ... [more]
In-Office Dispensing (Prod 6532)
Previously available from PSS World Medical. ... [more]
In-Office Medication Dispensing (Prod 7766)
Three different systems available: 1. DRx Basic (Manual) Dispens ... [more]
Office Dispensing of Medications
Prepackaged prescription medications for workers' compensation pa ... [more]
On-Site Pharmacy Solution (Prod 8626)
On-Site Pharmacy Solution for Workers Compensation Patients. R ... [more]
Pharmaceutical Dispensing Service (Prod 5127)
Pharma Pac is a practice based pharmaceutical dispensing service ... [more]
Pharmaceutical Management (Prod 11533)
Point-of-Care physician dispensing that is widely used by doctors ... [more]
Pharmaceuticals Workers’ Comp Dispensing Programs
Our Pharmaceuticals Workers’ Comp Dispensing Programs provide i ... [more]
Pre-Packaged Pharmaceuticals (Prod 8955)
The Pre-Packaged Pharmaceuticals program integrates into your pra ... [more]