Orthopaedic Modules

Product Listings for Orthopaedic Modules
Low Dose 2D/3D X-Ray (Prod 11024)
System captures simultaneous frontal and lateral head-to-toe imag ... [more]
Mimics (Prod 8473)
Mimics is designed to act as a modular system that can be tailore ... [more]
Optimized Positioning System (OPS) (Prod 1703223)
The Optimized Positioning System (OPS) is a technology that aims ... [more]
OR Pro (Prod 160229)
The OR Pro is a DR (Direct Radiography) system tailored to the op ... [more]
Orthopedic PACS
Orthopedic PACS provides access to digital orthopedic images for ... [more]
OrthoTAIX (Prod 9532)
CT based system for planning and templating orthopaedic procedure ... [more]
sterEOS (Prod 11025)
3D images are created via unique, patented software involving alg ... [more]
SurgiCase Connect (Prod 10170)
A 3D model, meticulous surgical plan and SurgiCase Guides in 3 si ... [more]
Vision (Prod 6669)
Vision is a versatile easy to use imaging platform with a wide ar ... [more]
VoyantFlow™ saves time and eases busy clinic days for surge ... [more]