Product Listings for Walkers
Hugo Folding Walker (Prod 7386)
The Hugo Folding Walker offers reliable stability and walking sup ... [more]
Hugo Rolling Walker (Prod 4708)
IMAGINE A WALKER THAT GLIDES... That's what the Hugo® rolli ... [more]
Pacer Gait Trainers (Prod 11347)
Durable, adjustable, portable, the Pacer Gait Trainer empowers cl ... [more]
Pelvic support for Pacer (Prod 11346)
The more comfortably the Pacer fits your client, the more steps t ... [more]
PneuGel Chevron Walker (Prod 6229)
The PneuGel® Chevron® Walker has all the fine features ... [more]
Rollator Walkers
3 and 4 wheeled rolling walkers with seats and with and without b ... [more]
U-Step Walker  (Prod 1501242)U-Step Walker (Prod 1501242)
Special walker designed to increase independence. The secret is i ... [more]