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BMP Total Hip Pouch Drape (Prod 4528)
The BMP™ Total Hip Pouch Drape is designed to be added to t ... [more]
C-Arm Drapes & X-Ray Covers (Prod 8894)
The superior performance of these equipment drapes not only prote ... [more]
Clear View Leg Drapes, Disposable (Prod 1812251 C1218.15)Clear View Leg Drapes, Disposable (Prod 1812251 C1218.15)
Sterile, disposable, transparent leg drapes for use with patients ... [more]
Custom Surgical Packs (Prod 1606294)
Wide variety of custom surcial packs for many specialties includi ... [more]
Disposable Two-Tier Table Drapes (Prod 12122)
Designed specifically for large orthopedic and spinal procedures. ... [more]
eShield™ Personal Electronics Covers (Prod 151001)
The only FDA approved cover that enables you to bring your smart ... [more]
EsySuit® (Prod 1705064)
Allows draping to be done in one smooth motion and with just one ... [more]
Latex-Free Equipment Drapes
Soft, anti-stat material with medical grade tape strips. Clear p ... [more]
Microscope Drapes
Sterile microscope covers for Zeiss, Wild, and custom. ... [more]
Microtek® Surgical Equipment Drapes
Innovative drape designs that protect the sterile field, help red ... [more]
Mini C-arm Drapes (Prod 11425)
Drapes are form-fitted for each specific Mini C-arm model to cove ... [more]
OrthoMax Orthopaedic Drapes (Prod 5174)
Made with Dupont Suprel medical fabric to withstand rigorous orth ... [more]
PerfectPouch (Orthopedic Drapes) (Prod 11606)
Fluid control is a high priority in maintaining risk reduction an ... [more]
PerfectPouch (Prod 6483)
From minimally invasive arthroscopy to hip replacement surgery, o ... [more]
Redi-Drape Ultra Vertical Isolation Drape (Prod 4533)
Provides an extra large, "single layer" area (16" x 32") for use ... [more]
Tibial Distractor Sterile Protective Pad
Sterile, latex-free foam • Protects patient from skin irrita ... [more]
Universal Camera Drape
A universal drape for all arthroscopic and endoscopic application ... [more]
X-drape Sterilized Disposable Surgical Drape
Absorbs radiation scattered from the patient during fluoriscopic ... [more]