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Andrews Frame Adaptor Kit
Adapts Amsco® 3080 and Amsco® 3085 Surgical Tables to accommoda ... [more]
Bow® Frame (Prod 10931)
The Bow Frame is a radiolucent platform used to position patients ... [more]
C-Flex® Head Positioning System (Prod 8519)
The C-Flex head positioner is used for all types of spine procedu ... [more]
Chest Rolls (Prod 8716)
Gel pads that come in a variety of sizes from pediatric to bariat ... [more]
FlexFrame™ Spine Platform (Prod 140731)
Portable, easy to use positioning frame that allows surgeon-speci ... [more]
Light Cloud Donut Head Positioners (Prod 11782 C117.1)Light Cloud Donut Head Positioners (Prod 11782 C117.1)
Resposable Foam Donut Head Positioners and Prone Headrest ... [more]
OpenFrame Spine Platform (Prod 150504)
Convenient, portable, easy to use, positioning frame that maintai ... [more]
P3 Prone Positioning Pillow
P3 has proven effective in reducing pressure to the face during p ... [more]
PRONE POSITIONING FRAME (Cloward Saddle). Part No. 3-070-01. ... [more]
ProneView® is a protective helmet system for use in prone positi ... [more]
Relton-Hall Scoliosis Operating Frame (Prod 141229)
For support of the patient in the prone position and to provide l ... [more]
Schure Spine Frame (Prod 1012311 C1218.15)Schure Spine Frame (Prod 1012311 C1218.15)
Stable and convenient platform for spine surgery such as laminect ... [more]
Spinal Imaging Platform (Prod 4222)
The Spinal Imaging Platform provides comfortable support and ampl ... [more]
Spine System (Prod 6148)
OR table extension that enables you to perform spine surgery with ... [more]
Surgical Positioning Board
The Surgical Positioning Board is a four-post patient positioning ... [more]
Surgical Saddle (Prod 2991)
Prone positioning device for lumbar spine procedures The patien ... [more]
Wilson Convex Frame Positioner Pad (Prod 8930 C115.1)
Wilson Convex Frame Positioner Pad 27" X 6 1/2" X 3" high at th ... [more]
Wilson Frame - Radiolucent - Refurbished (Prod 1705151 C117.1Wilson Frame - Radiolucent - Refurbished (Prod 1705151 C117.1
Refurbished, radiolucent Wilson frame for prone positioning ... [more]
Wilson Plus Radiolucent Wilson Frame (Prod 2209)
The Wilson Plus Radiolucent Wilson Frame delivers unrestricted ra ... [more]