Digital X-ray Imaging

Product Listings for Digital X-ray Imaging
AXLxy and the mobile Z-Cart
The AXLxy® and the mobile Z-Cart is a turnkey, digital x-ray ... [more]
Perfect images and intuitive software. Reliable, with a web power ... [more]
Custom Digital Solutions
Taking a hands-on approach to system engineering. We do not have ... [more]
CXDI-40G General DR System
With multiple wall stand and table configurations designed for a ... [more]
CXDI-50G Portable DR Sensor
Built for the demands of general radiography, trauma and bedside ... [more]
Space efficient, multifunctional, direct digital Radiography ddR- ... [more]
ddRModulaire™ Weight Bearing Configuration
In more than 5 years of ddR clinical experience, Swissray has dev ... [more]
Definium Digital Radiographic (DR) System (Prod 6358)
Automatic pasting capabilities allow for quick, seamless images o ... [more]
Digital DICOM CD Production
Automate, archive, view (review and import DICOM images from any ... [more]
Direct Digital Radiography
ddR technology. Reduce procedure times and improve efficiency by ... [more]
Direct Digital X-ray Systems
IMIX utilizes proprietary high resolution CCD-based (Charge Coupl ... [more]
Dominion (Prod 7135)
Instant 3D imagery. ... [more]
Extreme 1012 (Prod 6954)
The first fully automatic CR scanner dedicated to digital imaging ... [more]
FDR D-EVO Wireless (Prod 11064)
Exceptionally light flat panel digital X-ray detector for convers ... [more]
FusionOne offers a full suite of INTUITIVE, affordable, reliable ... [more]
IDC Xplorer
Affordable Digital Radiography (DR) without cassettes. The IDC Xp ... [more]
NAOMI Direct Digital Radiography (Prod 7612)
Digital solution for private practices. More affordable. Immedi ... [more]
Opal-RAD Digital Radiology Suite
The easy-to-use Opal-RAD digital radiology suite includes the fol ... [more]
Orthopaedic Digital X-Ray (Prod 6093)
Complimentary cost analysis available. ... [more]
QV-800 Digital Universal System (Prod 5532)
Effective and efficient Direct Digital Imaging system designed fo ... [more]
ScanX 14
Load plates and read images in 60 seconds or less. Takes up to a ... [more]
ScanX 14 In-Counter Unit
For smaller medical offices. Eliminates need for film, chemicals, ... [more]
ScanX Fit Computed Radiography System
The ScanX Fit  produces diagnostic quality digital body imag ... [more]
Direct digital imaging system for use in hospitals, orthopaedics, ... [more]
Virturad Solutions
Digital imaging including digital sports teleradiology. Filmless ... [more]
Xmaru DR (Prod 160411)
Xmaru DR Series brings reliability, easy to use acquisition softw ... [more]