Product Listings for SchureMed
Arm Tables / Hand Tables (Prod 8141)
Customer has the choice of Phenolic or Carbon Fiber. Comes in d ... [more]
Coated Surgical Positioning Pads (Prod 10440)
Reusable antimicrobial coated positioners ideal for extremity pos ... [more]
E-Z Lift Beach Chair 800-0142 (Prod 10405)
Position patients for shoulder surgery with this lightweight and ... [more]
Great White Platinum Stirrups 800-0007 (Prod 8710)
Increase surgeon's operating performance with the Great White Pla ... [more]
Great White Premium Stirrups 800-0301 (Prod 1012313)
Don’t buy another set of stirrups without trialing these first! ... [more]
OR Table Extensions (Prod 8142)
Options Foot Extension Table Width Extension ... [more]
Powered Beach Chair 800-0004 (Prod 8139)
The SchureMed Powered Beach Chair is the only shoulder surgery po ... [more]
Schure Loc™ XPS 800-0280 (Prod 1012312)
Increase operating room performance and productivity with the new ... [more]
Schure Slide Patient Transfer System (Prod 8147)
SchureSlide is smooth surfaced, flexible, and extremely durable. ... [more]
Schure Socket XL #800-0134 (Prod 8143)
The revolutionary Schure Socket XL snaps on at any rail location ... [more]
SchurFoot Knee Flexion Support for Total Knee Replacement 800-0141 (Prod 8145)
For securing the flexed leg during total knee procedures Availa ... [more]
Shoulder Assistant Limb Positioner #800-0088 (Prod 8150)
The Shoulder Assistant Limb Positioner combines strength and adap ... [more]
Spine Frame 800-0235 (Prod 1012311)
The Schure Spine Frame provides a stable and convenient platform ... [more]
Standard Armboard 800-0008 (Prod 1407267)
This standard-sized surgical armboard moves the patient’s arms ... [more]
TKR Ball Track System for Total Knee Replacement # 800-0141 (Prod 10404)
This ball-track system for total knee replacements is a huge leap ... [more]
Total Knee Replacement Positioner (Lexan) 800-0011 (Prod 1012314)
New TKR leg holder design offers the same secure positioning as t ... [more]
Universal Prepper #800-0161 (Prod 8146)
The Universal Prepper safely and effectively holds upper or lower ... [more]