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EndoLIF® O-Cage (Prod 150307)
The EndoLIF® O(Oblique)-Cage has been introduced to offer a mini ... [more]
iLESSYS (Prod 150611)
iLESSYS allows for a fully dorsal endoscopic access to the lamina ... [more]
iLESSYS® Delta System (Prod 150611)
iLESSYS Delta, an advanced development of the iLESSYS technology, ... [more]
Kyverment® (Prod 150307)
Kyverment® is a radiopaque PMMA cement especially developed for ... [more]
Multiuse RT (Prod 150307)
The Multiuse RT has been developed as a complete set of instrumen ... [more]
Percusys® (Prod 150307)
Percusys® is a percutaneous pedicle screw-rod system. The patent ... [more]
Shrill Drill (Prod 10651)
Shrill® drill is a broader application of the TESSYS® spi ... [more]
Surgi-Max (Prod 11672)
The Surgi-Max™ focuses on high frequency/low temperatu ... [more]
Synergy Disc™ (Prod 150307)
Synergy Disc™ is the first artificial disc that has been design ... [more]
TESSYS Transforaminal Endoscopic Surgical System (Prod 7740)
The TESSYS™ method utilizes a special lateral, transforamin ... [more]
Versicon JISP3000 Multi-Range-Irrigation-Pump (Prod 11671)
The Versicon® JISP3000 pump is perfect for minimally invasive ... [more]