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Product Listings for gSource, LLC.
Clean Wave Kerrison Punches
In most spinal punches and rongeurs, tissue and debris can collec ... [more]
Custom Instruments (Prod 7187)
Custom-crafted designs can be manufactured in a timely and econom ... [more]
Drill Bits with Quick Coupling Ends (Prod 7186)
Designed to fit quick coupling handles gS 86.0040 and gS 86.0045 ... [more]
gRetractor Abramsohn
gS 40.3150 gRetractor Abromsohn 5 1/2 inches. Stainless steel. ... [more]
Mallets / Hammers (Prod 7258)
Variety of configurations ... [more]
Orthopaedic & Spine Instruments (Prod 7110)
This company has partnered with German manufacturers to provide t ... [more]
Rongeurs (Prod 7259)
Selections of rongeurs Jansen Middleton Rongeur ... [more]
Tendon Passers / Weavers / Approximators (Prod 7264)
Tendon weaver features a point on one tip to penetrate the tendon ... [more]
Twist Drills (Prod 7185)
Precision ground and heat treated for sharp sure-cutting edges. ... [more]