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Product Listings for Allen Medical Systems
Advance Table (Prod 131123)
A premium solution for complex spine surgical procedures. Designe ... [more]
Arm & Hand Table (Prod 1970)
These tables weigh only 3.5 to 9.3 lbs. [1.6 to 4.2 kg.], about o ... [more]
Arm Positioner (Prod 9233)
The Arm Positioner delivers easy arm positioning for shoulder sur ... [more]
Arm Traction Device (Prod 1981)
Accommodates intraoperative traction up to 40 pounds for shoulder ... [more]
Arthroscopic Stress Post (Prod 7812)
A fulcrum for improved access to the medical compartment of the k ... [more]
Beach Chair Lateral Brace (Prod 1978)
Stabilizes patient and provides counter traction during shoulder ... [more]
Bow® Frame (Prod 10931)
The Bow Frame is a radiolucent platform used to position patients ... [more]
C-Flex® Head Positioning System (Prod 8519)
The C-Flex head positioner is used for all types of spine procedu ... [more]
Carbon Lights™ Minor Procedures Table (Prod 9258)
This small and ultra lightweight table works well for procedures ... [more]
Deluxe Arthroscopic Legholder System (Prod 1975)
Smooth, uni-directional locking mechanism enables the caregiver t ... [more]
Easy Catcher™ Disposable System (Prod 10932)
The Easy Catcher is designed to catch and drain fluid during a su ... [more]
Easy Irrigation Tower with Lift Assist (Prod 5023)
Stable; no sand bags. Lift-assist. Four independently adjustabl ... [more]
Hand Positioner (Prod 1973)
Malleable hand positioner for micro nerve reconstruction procedur ... [more]
Hug-U-Vac (Prod 9411)
Vacuum Activated Surgical Positioning System. The HUG-U-VAC has a ... [more]
Hug-U-Vac® Steep Trend Positioner (Prod 12133)
The Hug-U-Vac Steep Trend Positioners safely and comfortably hold ... [more]
Junior PAL™ & Little PAL™ Stirrups (Prod 2791)
The Junior PAL and Little PAL stirrups enable surgical personnel ... [more]
Knee Crutch Stirrups (Prod 1974)
Broad support surface and integral cushion layer enhance pressure ... [more]
Lift-Assist® Beach Chair (Prod 1979)
The Lift-Assist Beach Chair is designed for use with orthopaedic ... [more]
Minor Procedures Table (Prod 1969)
These tables weigh only 3.5 to 9.3 lbs. [1.6 to 4.2 kg.], about o ... [more]
Multi Task Armboard (Prod 10472)
Armboard for use in lateral position. Adjustable height for use w ... [more]
PAL Pro™ (Prod 1980)
Power-assisted legholders. ... [more]
Patient Transfer Board (Prod 5024)
The Patient Transfer Board is a lightweight device designed to ma ... [more]
Pinkfin Elite™ Stirrups (Prod 10519)
The Pinkifn Elite Stirrups offer the same premium lithotomy posit ... [more]
Portable Orderly (Prod 1976)
Features of the Portable Orderly Minimizes staff required to pr ... [more]
Schlein Hand Positioner (Prod 1971)
Supports multiple hand positions in traction or used alone. Cleat ... [more]
Shoulder Supports (Prod 1977)
Support without direct pressure on the brachial plexus, protectin ... [more]
Spine System (Prod 6148)
OR table extension that enables you to perform spine surgery with ... [more]
Sterile Mesh Finger Traps (Prod 1972)
Sterile single or double traps, disposable single use. Five color ... [more]
Thermedx® FluidSmart™ System (Prod 1506224)
Simple, safe and effective system for orthopaedics, urology, and ... [more]
Traction Boot (Prod 12134)
Traction Boot with Active Heel™ Technology that provides superb ... [more]