Xodus Medical

Product Listings for Xodus Medical
Blue Excision (Prod 8610)
PTFE (Non-stick coating) and stainless steel blades. Variety ... [more]
Cautery Tip Cleaner (Prod 5663)
Abrasive surface effectively removes tissue and debris with one p ... [more]
Fog-Guard (Prod 5660)
Specially formulated anti-fog solution will not damage the scope. ... [more]
Gel Positioning Products (Prod 7120)
Soft, Durable and Comfortable Protects Sensitive Skin Tissu ... [more]
Light Guard (Prod 5650)
Single use handle for surgical light. Standardize Lighting; S ... [more]
Needle Counters (Prod 5653)
A variety of styles and sizes of needle counters available which ... [more]
SAF-T Pass Transfer Drapes (Prod 5659)
Magnetic and non-magnetic transfer drapes facilitate "hands-free" ... [more]
Saf-T Stop (Prod 8611)
Temporary Sharps Holder Complies with OSHA requirements (29 ... [more]
Scalpel Holder (Prod 5655)
Protection to reduce accidental sharps injuries Holds up to ... [more]
Sponge Counter Bags (Prod 5658)
Provides easy sponge counting and containment. ... [more]
Surgical Site Permanent Marker (Prod 5656)
Provides a safe and effective means for marking the operative sit ... [more]
Surgical Skin Markers (Prod 5657)
Indelible prep-resistant gentian violet ink. Provides an effecti ... [more]
The Pink Pad (Prod 12283)
Designed to be the safest, most effective Trendelenburg positioni ... [more]
Tube Holder (Prod 7121)
Organizes Tubes and Cords Securely. Secure suction tubing, cords ... [more]