Wenzel Spine

Product Listings for Wenzel Spine
PrimaLOK FF Facet Fixation System (Prod 1301012)
The PrimaLOK FF Facet Fixation System offers low-profile polyaxia ... [more]
PrimaLOK SP Interspinous Fusion System (Prod 1301011)
ThePrimaLOK SP Interspinous Fusion System's polyaxial technology ... [more]
VariGrip Laminar Hook System (Prod 966)
The VariGrip System provides rapid application with minimal expos ... [more]
VariLift Interbody Fusion System (Prod 975)
The expandable VariLift-L Posterior Interbody fusion device was d ... [more]
VariLift-C (Prod 1412124)
VariLift-C® is a Stand-Alone Zero-Profile Expandable Cervical In ... [more]
VariLift®-LX (Prod 160211)
VariLift®-LX represents the next generation of an innovative pro ... [more]
Zero-Profile VariLift® Stand-Alone Expandable Interbody Fusion System (Prod 1412125)
May also be referred to as Expandable Osteosynthesis Cage ... [more]