Vivex Biomedical Inc.

Product Listings for Vivex Biomedical Inc.
Callisto Granules (Prod 1502022)
Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Synthetic Bone Graft. Callisto Granules ... [more]
Electrically Conductive Surface (Prod 150202)
Developing an electrically conductive surface on polymer implants ... [more]
Metis Macro-Particulate (Prod 150202)
Biocompatible allograft powder made from cancellous and/or cortic ... [more]
Metis Micro-Particulate (Prod 150202)
Biocompatible powder is made from cancellous and/or cortical bone ... [more]
MIAMI (Marrow Isolated Adult Multi-lineage Inducible) (Prod 1502021)
A highly adaptive adult stem cell line, known as MIAMI (Marrow Is ... [more]
Vega Graft (Prod 150202)
100% Demineralized Cancellous sponge blocks and fillers for use w ... [more]
Vivex DBM Plus (Prod 150202)
A DBM putty including cancellous bone chips, which may be used as ... [more]