VQ OrthoCare

Product Listings for VQ OrthoCare
BioniCare Knee Device (Prod 10038)
Non-pharmacologic, non-invasive system for use with or without me ... [more]
Catalyst X (Prod 8180)
Catalyst X off-the-shelf knee ligament brace. ... [more]
Cervical Exercise Kit (Prod 6250)
The Cervical Exercise Kit includes: an exercise ball, air pump, e ... [more]
DeRom Ankle (Prod 6256)
The DeROM Ankle orthosis uniquely restores neutral foot position ... [more]
DeRom Elbow (Prod 6257)
With malleable Wire-foam cuffs for custom fitting, and Quick-stra ... [more]
DeRom Knee (Prod 6258)
The lightweight DeROM Knee orthosis combines the strength of an a ... [more]
DeRom Wrist (Prod 6259)
For soft-tissue contractures, the DeROM Wrist orthosis features u ... [more]
Eagle Custom Ligament Brace (Prod 6260)
The new custom Eagle ligament brace combines the benefits of rigi ... [more]
EXO Comfortprene Sports Braces (Prod 3190)
Hinged knee brace for a variety of uses. ... [more]
EXO Functional Knee Brace (Prod 3191)
EXO Functional Knee Brace is best for the management of ACL, PCL, ... [more]
EXO Gait Walker (Prod 3193)
The EXO Gait Walker is a low profile composite walker boot. ... [more]
EXO Post Operative Brace (Prod 3192)
EXO Post Operative Brace is designed for immediate post operative ... [more]
EXO Sport 8 Ankle Brace (Prod 3194)
The EXO Sport 8 Ankle Brace controls and stabilizes the mid and h ... [more]
FastStart ICT (Prod 4615)
Strong yet comfortable interferential current therapy ... [more]
FastStart® Continuous Cold Therapy (Prod 3195)
A portable motorized cold therapy unit. ... [more]
FastStart® Millennium KCPM (Prod 3197)
Continuous passive motion device Note:  Available only in ... [more]
Foot and Ankle Exercise Kit (Prod 6251)
The Foot and Ankle Exercise Kit includes: the Pro-Stretch®, m ... [more]
FreeStride OA Custom Knee Brace (Prod 6262)
The custom FreeStride OAT brace represents the state-of-the-art i ... [more]
Hand, Wrist and Elbow Exercise Kit (Prod 6252)
The Foot and Ankle Exercise Kit includes: Thera-Putty®, VQ fi ... [more]
Hawk Ligament Brace (Prod 6261)
The new prefabricated Hawk ligament brace combines the benefits o ... [more]
Icebox Cold Therapy System (Prod 3196)
Continuous cold therapy that uses re-freezable iceblocks. ... [more]
Knee Exercise Kit (Prod 6253)
The Knee Exercise Kit includes: an air pillow, water bag, exercis ... [more]
Lumbar Exercise Kit (Prod 6254)
The Lumbar Exercise Kit includes: an exercise ball, air pump, exe ... [more]
OrthoLogic Bone Growth Stimulators (Prod 984)
Superimposes a dynamic magnetic field upon a static magnetic fiel ... [more]
OrthoStim3 (Prod 6734)
Trimodality rehabilitative electrotherapy system OrthoStim3 put ... [more]
Saunders Cervical Hometrac Deluxe (Prod 6247)
The Saunders Cervical Hometrac provides traction in a natural, re ... [more]
Saunders Lumbar Hometrac Deluxe (Prod 6248)
The Saunders Lumbar Hometrac features an actively moving treatmen ... [more]
Saunders STx Lumbar Home Traction Device (Prod 6249)
The Saunders STx Lumbar Traction Device's friction-free track and ... [more]
Shoulder Exercise Kit (Prod 6255)
The Shoulder Exercise Kit includes: a wand, pulley with handles, ... [more]
SpinaLogic Bone Growth Stimulator (Prod 1048)
Battery-powered microcontrolled, noninvasive bone growth stimulat ... [more]