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Product Listings for Timesco Healthcare Ltd.
Bipolar Forceps (Prod 3116)
Bipolar forceps in the following types: European Style, Bipolar B ... [more]
Bone Chisels & Osteotomes (Prod 10944)
Stille chisels and Stille osteotomes in a variety of si ... [more]
Bone Cutting Forceps (Prod 10945)
Liston Box Joint cutting forceps.  Liston compund bone cutti ... [more]
Bone Holding Forceps (Prod 10946)
Lane Bone Holding Forceps.  Lewin Bone Holding Forceps. ... [more]
Cast Shears and Accessories (Prod 3117)
Plaster shears, spreaders & breakers, scissors, plaster saws ... [more]
Cushing Bone Rugine (Prod 10952)
Also Bristow Bone Rugine and Farebeuf Bone Rongeur. ... [more]
Langenbeck Bone Hook (Prod 10947)
Stainless steel.  19.5 cm. ... [more]
Pin Cutters (Prod 10956)
Single action:  6"; Double action:  angled, 8.75"; stra ... [more]
Rongeurs (Prod 7259)
Jansen Middleton Rongeur.  Lempert Bone Rongeur.  Leur- ... [more]
Stainless Steel Mallets (Prod 10948)
Smooth or serrated head.  8.5 oz.  8". ... [more]
Treethowan Bone Lever (Prod 10949)
22.5 cm.  Ring handle.  Curved.  For manipulating ... [more]
Wire Twisters (Prod 10953)
Single action:  6 mm head, 7":  5 mm head, 8".  Co ... [more]