Townsend Thuasne USA

Product Listings for Townsend Thuasne USA
A movement therapy ROM knee brace. ... [more]
LoadShifter (Prod 4360)
LoadShifter relief mechanism allows one to increase correction by ... [more]
Premier Ankle Brace (Prod 5101)
Custom carbon graphite brace with inversion/eversion control for ... [more]
Premier Brace (Prod 2013)
Control for ligament instabilities, with comfort and cosmetic des ... [more]
Premier KAFO (Prod 4361)
Low profile, light weight, functional support. Previously av ... [more]
Reliever and Reliever Air Osteoarthritis Braces (Prod 2011)
OA braces designed for patients with mild to severe OA, obese pat ... [more]
Townsend Knee Braces with TM5 Hinges (Prod 2010)
Ultra low profile, extremely durable hinge is now available as an ... [more]
TS500 Hinged Soft-Shell Brace (Prod 2014)
Designed for patients who require the functional support, compres ... [more]
TS600 Knee Brace (Prod 2015)
16" anterior closure neoprene sleeve with popliteal window,Townse ... [more]