Theragen Inc.

Product Listings for Theragen Inc.
Baxolve (Prod 9362)
Baxolve™ is an innovative means of controlling back pain, u ... [more]
Kneehab XP (Prod 117711)
Kneehab® XP works by re-educating and strengthening the quadr ... [more]
MediStim XP (Prod 11772)
MediStim® XP was developed to prevent or slow down the atroph ... [more]
MediTens XP (Prod 11773)
The MediTens® XP is a clinically proven, safe and effective m ... [more]
OmniTens XP and OmniTens plus (Prod 9361)
TENS Programmes cover all forms of musculoskeletal pain. Special ... [more]