Product Listings for Tecomet
Bone Awls and Probes (Prod 2707)
Bone awls and probes with Ortho-GripĀ® silicone rubber palm style ... [more]
Cable Cutter-item #WC101000 (Prod 1693)
Safely and easily cuts you cable close to the crimped area. Custo ... [more]
Compression Instrument-item #PA101000 (Prod 1694)
A parallel action, single hand ratcheting compressor for spinal s ... [more]
Crimper-item #CC101000 (Prod 1691)
This crimper has been specifically designed to be used with our c ... [more]
Dual Connection Offset Acetabular Reamer Driver (Prod 1412315)
The Dual Connection Offset Acetabular Reamer Driver is used durin ... [more]
Evolution SRK Lumbar Systems (Prod 6416)
Lumbar spine revision system. Previously available from Beere Pre ... [more]
Evolution-C (Prod 6415)
Instrument set specifically designed for cervical implant revisio ... [more]
Flexible Osteotome System (Prod 10859)
The Flexible Osteotome System provides various Osteotome Blades f ... [more]
French Rod Bender (Prod 1699)
The standard French style rod bender features a multi-stage cente ... [more]
IN-SITU Rod Benders (Prod 1701)
A pair of right and left in-situ rod benders allow for placement ... [more]
Large Locking Power Rod Gripper (Prod 1695)
The large locking power rod gripper accepts rods with a 1/4" diam ... [more]
LaunchQuick (Prod 6963)
A leader in solving manufacturing challenges and working with the ... [more]
Orthopaedic Implants, Fixation Devices, Drills, Reamers, Taps and Specialty Instruments (Prod 7194)
The Davis brothers have been manufacturing medical device assembl ... [more]
Passer-item #CP101000 (Prod 1692)
A unique passer that has been designed to facilitate the passing ... [more]
Stainless Steel Locking Pliers (Prod 1697)
These high leverage locking pliers have many uses during the norm ... [more]
Stainless Steel Needle-Nose Pliers (Prod 1698)
Needle-nose pliers come in a variety of lengths. Previously avail ... [more]
Stainless Steel Standard Pliers (Prod 1696)
Standard slip-joint pliers are available in a variety of sizes fo ... [more]
Tensioner-item #CT101000 (Prod 1690)
A very powerful cable tensioner with a large opening to accept yo ... [more]
Total Solutions (Prod 150408)
We can provide a partnership opportunity that is the one source f ... [more]
Tube Style Rod Bender (Prod 1700)
Tube style rod benders are cannulated and fit rods up to 5/16" in ... [more]