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Product Listings for T&L Co., Ltd.
Feeling Gel Pad (Prod 6141)
The Feeling Gel Pad distributes the body weight and keeps cool. ... [more]
Nemoa Cast( Polyester) (Prod 6177)
Nemoa™ Cast Polyester has multi-directional stretch(length, ... [more]
Nemoa Cast(Fiberglass) (Prod 6178)
Nemoa™ Cast Fiberglass has enough strength and much lighter ... [more]
Nemoa ElastiCast (Flex Reinforcing Material) (Prod 6180)
Nemoa™ ElastiCast can be used for normal casting tape as we ... [more]
Nemoa Ever Fresh (Prod 6182)
Waterproof, breathable and washable undercast padding that replac ... [more]
Nemoa Flex(Semi-rigid casting tape) (Prod 6179)
Nemoa™ Flex is the semi-rigid casting tape which is made of ... [more]
Nemoa Splint & Finger Splint (Fiberglass) (Prod 6140)
Nemoa™ Splint contours to the human body. Nemoa™ S ... [more]
Nemoa Splint (Polyester) (Prod 6181)
Roll Type and One Step Type, hydrophilic blue pad and hydrophobic ... [more]
Thunder Brace (Prod 6139)
Thunder Brace™ (Ankle)is designed to help support and prote ... [more]