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Product Listings for Symmetry Surgical
Arthroscopic Electrodes (Prod 3951)
Standard electrode lengths: 5 to 8" (127 to 203 millimeters). Mad ... [more]
Arthroscopy Instruments (Prod 7971)
Arthroscopic instrument lines that include graspers, punches, sci ... [more]
Bipolar Electrosurgery Products
Bipolar Electrosurgery product line includes bipolar generators, ... [more]
BOOKWALTER Retractor Systems
The genuine BOOKWALTER™ Retractor System is a "table fixed" ... [more]
Bookwalter® Femoral Elevator (Prod 1502283)
The Bookwalter® Femoral Elevator supports direct anterior approa ... [more]
CODMAN 3000 Infusion Pump
The CODMAN® 3000 Infusion Pump is a cost-effective therapy fo ... [more]
Custom Manufacturing (Prod 6836)
We can supply surgical instruments supporting primarily orthopaed ... [more]
DigiPrint is a system that utilizes breakthroughs in printing mec ... [more]
Flexible Osteotome System (Prod 955)
Large assortment of flexible blades that can be quickly changed u ... [more]
Gardner-Wells Traction Tongs
Test bar is also available. ... [more]
Irrigating Bayonet Bipolar Forceps (Prod 8106)
Irrigating bipolar forceps. Midas Touch® Bipolar Instruments ... [more]
ISOCOOL™ Bipolar Forceps (Prod 4106)
Thanks to Active Heat Transfer (AHT™) technology, ISOCOOL™ Bi ... [more]
Titanium, non-magnetic instrument which is 43% lighter than tradi ... [more]
MIS Offset Acetabular Reamer Driver
Total Hip Replacement. Total Hip Arthroplasty. ... [more]
Offset Reamer Driver1
Offset Reamer Driver is used in minimally invasive surgical techn ... [more]
Othy Hip Revision Instrument Set
Universal Revision Instruments ... [more]
Othy Knee Revision Instrument Set
Universal Revision Instruments ... [more]
Paramount Reamer Driver and Cup Impactor
Drive shaft designed for minimally invasive total hip replacement ... [more]
Premier Acetabular Reamer System
New generation of acetabular reamers. ... [more]
Riley FlashPak
The Riley FlashPak™ is a hospital-proven closed container s ... [more]
Shoulder Penetrating Awl
Phenolic handle. ... [more]
Breakthrough latch design optimizes space for organizing, protect ... [more]
Symmetry Sharp Kerrison
Symmetry Sharp Kerrison is a first-of-its-kind, patented surgical ... [more]
Transforaminal TDR Device
A Total Disc Replacement that can be performed using a minimally ... [more]
Ultra System
With The Ultra System , you have the most secure, most advanced, ... [more]