Product Listings for SunMed
Combiguard II (Prod 9280)
High Pressure Irrigation Splash Guard, Combiguard II® is a steri ... [more]
Combiport Wound Irrigation Device (Prod 9282)
The Combiport® is an effective instrument for administering a hi ... [more]
Delgado Inflatable Post (Prod 9279)
The Delgado Inflatable Post™ is a fully adjustable cushion that ... [more]
Infu-Surg (Prod 9312)
Disposable Pressure Infuser Bag. The Infu-Surg® is an individ ... [more]
Pelvic-Tilt (Prod 9310)
No longer available per phone call to the company on 2/12/2015. ... [more]
Shoulder-Float Pneumatic Patient Positioner (Prod 9278)
The Shoulder-Float™ provides even weight distribution while hel ... [more]
Surgi-Cuf (Prod 9313)
Disposable Adult Blood Pressure Cuff. One of the leading causes ... [more]