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Product Listings for Steris Corporation
Amsco 3080/3085 SP Bariatric Orthopedic Extension
A 3080/3085 orthopedic extension serves as a mobile, radiolucent ... [more]
Amsco Auto Lift Multi-Purpose Stirrups
Power-assisted stirrups for positioning well legs as well as for ... [more]
Amsco OrthoVision Orthopedic and Fracture Table (Prod 2204)
Mobile, manually operated orthopedic table. ... [more]
Amsco Shoulder Table Package
For open and arthroscopic shoulder procedures. Powered back posi ... [more]
Andrews Frame Adaptor Kit
Adapts Amsco® 3080 and Amsco® 3085 Surgical Tables to accommoda ... [more]
Bierhoff Knee and Foot Rest Assembly (Pair) (Prod 6801)
Contoured crutch stirrups for positioning the lower legs. ... [more]
18" of longitudinal slide allowing for total body imaging and max ... [more]
Cmax Surgical Table
The Cmax Surgical Table combines all the positioning capabilities ... [more]
Harmony CS Equipment Management System
For use in hospital areas where there is a need for ready access ... [more]
Harmony FS Equipment Management System
The Floor System is equipped with medical gas outlets, electrical ... [more]
HLT Hybrid Layer Technology Surgical Table Pads
To redistribute pressure and protect against pressure ulcers. Ra ... [more]
iHP (ionized Hydrogen Peroxide) Technology (Prod 140726)
This mobile equipment can be safely applied to any room including ... [more]
Krause Arm Support
The Krause Arm Support is an arm length stockinette that supports ... [more]
OT 1000 Series Orthopaedic Surgical Table (Prod 150629)
Unrestricted imaging angles and almost limitless patient position ... [more]
Sterilization Container System
Instrument processing, storage, and transport. Engineered from a ... [more]
Universal Legholder
The Universal Legholder Contoured is a "U" shaped, padded positio ... [more]
VHP ARD Mobile Biodecontamination System (Prod 1407262)
The VHP ARD Biodecontamination System utilizes Vaprox® Sterilant ... [more]
Weinberger Hand Traction Apparatus (Prod 6804)
Ideal for closed reduction and prepping of upper extremities Lo ... [more]