Product Listings for SpineArt
ßGran™ (Prod 7494)
ßGran™ (pronounced beta-gran) synthetic osteoconductive scaffo ... [more]
BAGUERA® C (Prod 1606185)
The BAGUERA® C implant’s key features are its anatomical shape ... [more]
DYNAMIKpo (Prod 8531)
Dynamic posterior lumbar cage. ... [more]
Ellipse (Prod 8530)
Posterior Lumbar osteosynthesis pedicle screw system. ... [more]
βGel (Prod 1501012)
An osteoconductive scaffold in the form of a malleable gel which ... [more]
JULIET Ti Lumbar Interbody System (Prod 1607152)
The JULIET Ti lumbar interbody system utilizes the company's prop ... [more]
MOSAIKca (Prod 8532)
Dynamic cervical cage. ... [more]
MOSAIKmc (Prod 8534)
Modular cervical cage. ... [more]
MOSAIKpl (Prod 8533)
Cervical plate. ... [more]
The OsteoBoost kit contains the apparatus required to harvest ost ... [more]
PERLA (Prod 160304)
The PERLA posterior cervical system is indicated for the stabiliz ... [more]
Romeo2 MIS K-Wireless System (Prod 11664)
The k-wireless option is designed to reduce x-ray exposure and th ... [more]
SCARLET AC-T is a cervical secured cage system. The system featur ... [more]
TRYPTIKca and TRYPTIKmc (Prod 8583)
Dynamic and modular cervical cage. ... [more]