Spinal Elements

Product Listings for Spinal Elements
Allos CC7 Cervical Allograft (Prod 1801151)
Allos CC7 Cervical Allograft Solid, precision-machined cortical ... [more]
Allos MC5 Cervical Allograft Spacer (Prod 1801152)
Allos MC5 Cervical Allograft Spacer Restore height and lordosis ... [more]
Avance MIS Pedicle Screw System (Prod 1502172)
The Avance MIS Pedicle Screw System is intended for posterior, no ... [more]
AVATAR MIS System (Prod 11290)
Cannulated pedicle screws insterted over a guidewire to reduce mu ... [more]
Black Widow (Prod 12175)
The Black Widow buttress plate and buttress plate screw are made ... [more]
Cavimend Inflatable Bone Expander System (Prod 150206)
Features & Benefits: Minimally invasive spinal surgery; F ... [more]
Ceres Midline Cervical Plate (Prod 1607011)
The Ceres Midline Cervical Plate is an anterior screw fixation sy ... [more]
Ceres-C Stand-alone Cervical Interbody Device (Prod 1606183)
Ceres-C Stand-alone Cervical Interbody device is indicated for an ... [more]
Crystal Cervical Interbody System (Prod 5485)
The Crystal Cervical Interbody System is widely known as one of t ... [more]
Custom Manufacturing (Prod 11657)
An expert team of application engineers with muliple years of exp ... [more]
Diamond Anterior Cervical Plate (Prod 150206)
Features & Benefits: Constructed of implant grade Titanium ... [more]
Endplate Shaver Curette (Prod 150802)
The Endplate Shaver Curette is designed to provide quick and easy ... [more]
Hero Allograft (Prod 150131)
Hero DBM Putty, Hero DBM+ Paste, and Hero DBM Gel Demineralized b ... [more]
inCORPorate (Prod 160319)
inCORPorate is a corpectomy device designed for thoracic and lumb ... [more]
iO-Flex System (Prod 10987)
The Intuitive Direction for Precision Decompression™ With ... [more]
iO-Tome (Prod 150206)
The iO-Tome is a disposable facetectomy instrument that allows su ... [more]
ISSYS LP Auxiliary Connectors (Prod 11710)
The ISSYS LP Auxiliary Connectors were designed to provide medial ... [more]
ISSYS LP Pedicle Screw (Prod 7526)
ISSYS LP’s unique design allows the pedicle screw to be fully s ... [more]
Lodestar Pedicle Drill Guide (Prod 150206)
Features & Benefits: Precise millimetric guidance of K-wir ... [more]
Lotus (Prod 150131)
Posterior Cervical-Thoracic Fixation System. A premier posterior ... [more]
Lucent (Prod 5484)
Lumbar Interbody System. Surgical Versatility. Procedural Simplic ... [more]
Lucent Controlled Delivery Guns (Prod 150131)
Placement of interbody devices is reproducible and consistent. Ea ... [more]
Lucent Magnum (Prod 150131)
Lumbar Interbody System. Surgical Versatility. Procedural Simplic ... [more]
Lucent Ti-Bond (Prod 12295)
Lucent® Ti-Bond™ is a line of PEEK interbody implants with a p ... [more]
Magnum+ (Prod 150131)
Stand-Alone, No Profile ALIF. Single Approach. Maximum Control. ... [more]
Marquise® MIS Channel System (Prod 150802)
The Marquise® MIS Channel System’s innovative design provides ... [more]
Mercury Classic (Prod 150131)
Pedicle Screw System. Low profile polyaxial head - Accommodates v ... [more]
Mercury MIS (Prod 8348)
System Overview: Tower based delivery system; Built in reductio ... [more]
Minimally Invasive Lateral System (Prod 11827)
This minimally invasive lateral system features an innovativ ... [more]