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AACORD Cerclage Cables plus Distal Femur Plate (Implant 4204)AACORD Cerclage Cables plus Distal Femur Plate (Implant 4204)
AP view of Distal Femur Plate with ACCORD cerclage cables Cou ... [more]
ACCORD Cerclage Cables plus Distal Femur Plate (Implant 4205)ACCORD Cerclage Cables plus Distal Femur Plate (Implant 4205)
Lateral view of Distal Femur Plate with ACCORD cerclage cables ... [more]
Accuris Unicompartmental Knee ArthroplastyAccuris Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty
Computer assisted surgery system that provides precise, real-time ... [more]
Acticoat Post-Op Antimrobial Barrier
Silver-coated antimicrobial barrier. Bactericidal against multip ... [more]
One-step prep solution that allows the user to prep one uniform, ... [more]
Acute Trauma Ilizarov II
For use in acute trauma. ... [more]
Atlantech Shoulder Retractor (Prod 2421)
For open Rotator Cuff and Anterior Instability surgery ... [more]
Ball Head Extractor
Will remove any manufacturer's ball head up to 32 mm diameter. ... [more]
Bateman Bipolar Endoprosthesis
The Bateman Bipolar Endoprosthesis was originally developed by Ba ... [more]
BICON-PLUS Threaded Cup System
The BICON-PLUS® threaded cup concept is similarly intended fo ... [more]
Biolox Forte Femoral Ball Head-Ceramic
Aluminium oxide ceramic (AL2O3). Diameters: 26 mm, 28 mm and 32 ... [more]
Birmingham (Implant 819)Birmingham (Implant 819)
Birmingham Resurfacing Total Hip Prosthesis Courtesy of Jack B ... [more]
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing System (BHR)
The global market leading hip resurfacing system with over 80,00 ... [more]
Birmingham Mid-Head Resection Device
Alternative to hip resurfacing in patients who would benefit from ... [more]
Bofor Cup
The Bofor® cup is a non-cemented revision acetabular modular ... [more]
Bone Access and Cement Delivery System (Prod 4591)
For delivery of cement during procedures to stabilize compression ... [more]
BST-CarGel (Prod 12195)
BST-CarGel is a biopolymer-based solution that can be delivered a ... [more]
BUCK Cement Restrictors
Cement restrictor. ... [more]
Cancellous Hip Screw
Features a captured external hex design for SCFE and femoral head ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 380)
4.0, 5.5, 6.5, & 7.0 mm diameters: Stainless steel & Titanium ... [more]
Caption Disposable Platelet Concentrator
Requires no capital equipment and is packaged sterile with all bl ... [more]
Cavity SpineWand (Prod 8058)
A device used to reduce malignant lesions in the vertebrae, which ... [more]
CDS (Prod 9138)
Discography device that measures and displays intradiscal pressur ... [more]
Centura by Kinetec
Shoulder CPM machine. Full range of anatomical motions. Program ... [more]
Clancy Anatomic Cruciate Guide
Flexible drill system. Eliminates the need to hyperflex the knee ... [more]