Showa Ika Kohgyo Co., Ltd.

Product Listings for Showa Ika Kohgyo Co., Ltd.
Arisstos Spinal System (Prod 7497)
The Mykres Spinal System was developed by a group of Japanese phy ... [more]
Graf Spinal System (Prod 10426)
Posterior spinal system that requires no bone graft but can provi ... [more]
H.H.R. Spinal System (Prod 10423)
Low cost, minimally invasive, posterior spinal / thoracolumbar in ... [more]
Minalif (Prod 10432)
Anterior spacer designed for a Mini-ALIF. ... [more]
Nobson (Prod 10430)
Ceramic scoliosis and PLIF spacers. ... [more]
S.S.I.I. Transverse System (Prod 10429)
Designed for use with a posterior spinal rod fusion system ... [more]
Spinal Cannulated Screw (Prod 10428)
Cannulated screw for posterior atlantoaxial fixation. ... [more]