Product Listings for S&T AG
Acland-Banis Arteriotomy Clamp (Prod 11269)
The Acland-Banis Arteriotomy Clamp was developed to overcome the ... [more]
Hand Instrument Sets (Prod 11264)
Available for basic hand surgery, reconstructive or perforator fl ... [more]
InertS&Teel Forceps (Prod 11265)
Magnetization of instruments is a frequent cause of some annoyanc ... [more]
Microsurgical Scissors (Prod 11263)
Microsurgical scissors that are skillfully handcrafted to exactin ... [more]
Needleholders (Prod 11268)
Based on the design by Castroviejo and are basically fine, flat h ... [more]
Peripheral Nerve Holding Forcep (Prod 4085)
When applied to a periperheral nerve, this holding forceps with a ... [more]
Tupper's Universal Hand Holder and Retractor Set (Prod 4084)
Tupper's Universal Hand Holder and Retractor Set enables the surg ... [more]
Vessel Dilators (Prod 11267)
Vessel dilators feature highly polished parallel tips. They are d ... [more]