SBM SAS (Science for BioMaterials)

Product Listings for SBM SAS (Science for BioMaterials)
BIO-1™ (Prod 3640)
Bone void fillers BIO-1™ (Pure ß-Tricalcium Phosphate - BIOSOR ... [more]
BIO-TECMA (Prod 3641)
A system of absorbable implants + instrumentation for cervical ... [more]
LIGAFIX (Prod 10496)
Bioactive Interference Screws and Instruments for Anterior Crucia ... [more]
OTIS 50 & OTIS (Prod 3643)
Complete systems of implants + instrumentation for High Tibial ... [more]
TECMA-FIX (Prod 3642)
Tecma-Fix is a nonabsorbale system of implants + instrumentation ... [more]