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Product Listings for Richard Wolf GmbH
ACL Arthroscopic Working Station (Prod 2055)
An arthroscopic ACL working station for graft preparation. ... [more]
Arthroscopes (Prod 2044)
Arthroscopes of every size for use in any joint. ... [more]
Arthroscopic Knives (Prod 2049)
Arthroscopic knives for operative arthroscopy. ... [more]
Arthroscopic Rasps (Prod 2050)
Rasps for operative arthroscopy. ... [more]
Basic Arthroscopy Instrument Set (Prod 2043)
Complete set of arthroscopy instruments, including trocars, cannu ... [more]
BioactIF OSTEOTRANS (Prod 1606132)
Bioactive and bioresorbable interference screws for ACL and PCL r ... [more]
COXARTIS - Instrument Set for Hip Arthroscopy (Prod 1606134)
Perfectly designed for the specific, anatomical characteristics o ... [more]
Drainage Cannulas (Prod 2045)
Arthroscopic drainage cannulas ... [more]
ENDO-CARTRIS (Prod 2057)
Endoscopic carpal tunnel release system. ... [more]
Fluid Control 2203 (Prod 2054)
Arthroscopy pump for fluid inflow control. ... [more]
Graftline (Prod 160613)
Graftline is a newly designed instrument and implant system that ... [more]
Guide and Marking Rods (Prod 2046)
Guide and Marking Rods for arthroscopic use. ... [more]
Hook Probes (Prod 2047)
Hook probes of various sizes for meniscal manipulation. ... [more]
Instrument Set for Elbow Arthroscopy (Prod 1606136)
Precision to a new standard – optimized for the elbow The sp ... [more]
Leg Holder (Prod 2056)
Knee arthroscopy leg holder. ... [more]
Microfractor PULSEShifter (Prod 1606135)
Apart from cartilage transplantation (mosaic plastic surgery) and ... [more]
Microfracture Tray (Prod 2051)
Small joint arthroscopy instrument set for operative arthroscopy. ... [more]
Power Control Generator 2303 (Prod 2053)
Power source for Wolfe arthroscopic cutters and burrs ... [more]
Punches / Scissors / Graspers (Prod 2048)
Punches, scissors and grasping forceps for meniscal work. ... [more]
T-Lock OSTEOTRANS (Prod 1606133)
Strength meets efficiency – Bioactive and bioresorbable ten ... [more]
WellWave (Prod 1606137)
Shock wave therapy low-energy, focused, planar The WellWave i ... [more]
Yeung Endoscopic Spine Surgery System (Prod 3992)
YESS Discoscope. For selective endoscopic disectomy and spinal e ... [more]