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6" Canvas Duck Wrist Splint (Prod 6233)
High quality canvas construction with soft flannel lining and a m ... [more]
7" Elastic Wrist Supports (Prod 6230)
Highest quality cotton eleastic, removable and malleable palm sta ... [more]
8" Soft Wrist Splint (Prod 6235)
The high quality nylon outer fabric, soft moisture-wicking inner ... [more]
Anti-Rotation Boot Complete (Prod 6168)
Frame is fabricated of molded plastic with a replacement liner of ... [more]
Arm Sling with Foam Strap (Prod 6191)
Deep envelope made of 100% warp knit polyester, breathable, was ... [more]
Baby Post-Op Shoe (Prod 6215)
Clown print canvas upper, hook and loop closure with a skid resis ... [more]
Canvas Ankle Brace (Prod 6165)
Constructed of high quality canvas outer and soft flannel lining ... [more]
Cervical Collar (Prod 6201)
A high quality polyester foam collar with a hypoallergenic stocki ... [more]
Chevron Lite Walkers (Prod 7684)
Also, Chevron Lite Ankle Walkers. ... [more]
Chevron Post-Op Shoe with Collar (Prod 6221)
The semi-rigid Chevron® post-op shoe has a padded heel collar ... [more]
Compression Knee Immobilizer (Prod 6207)
This immobilizer features latex free 3" elastic straps with alter ... [more]
Deluxe Canvas Rocker (Prod 6199)
Our most popular style upper, made of strong canvas duck. Straps ... [more]
Deluxe Chevron (Prod 6222)
Has a higher heel area with a strap that practically eliminates a ... [more]
Deluxe Over-the-Door Cervical Traction Kit (Prod 6203)
The kit includes 10' of traction cord, heavy duty 12" spreader ba ... [more]
Deluxe Padded Head Halter (Prod 6202)
Constructed of tri-laminate tricot / foam / canvas. Hook and loop ... [more]
Deluxe Rigid Post-Op Shoe With Collar (Prod 6223)
Features a rigid sole for total stabilization and suitable for mi ... [more]
Dr. Pochatko's RIGIFLEX Post-op Shoe (Prod 6224)
Developed by a Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Pochatko's ... [more]
E-Z On Arm Sling (Prod 6193)
Extra deep envelope design, slide bar buckle on a 1 1/2" shoulder ... [more]
E-Z Post Orthotics (Prod 8780)
Orthotic for lateral or medial post. Available as a kit with sna ... [more]
Economy Arm Sling (Prod 6190)
Deep envelope made of 100% warp knit polyester, breathable, was ... [more]
Economy Stirrup Ankle Support (Prod 6166)
This brace is made from the same materials as our PneuGel® An ... [more]
Elastic Abdominal Binder (Prod 6159)
LATEX FREE elastic construction, contours anatomically to patient ... [more]
Elastic Ankle Support (Prod 6164)
Quality beige elastic with an achilles cutout. Used for immediate ... [more]
Elastic Cartilage Knee Support (Prod 6213)
Same as the 604 plus patella opening and medial / lateral cartila ... [more]
Elastic Hinged Knee Support (Prod 6210)
Same as 601 plus medial and lateral zinc plated heavy duty hinges ... [more]
Elastic Knee Support (Prod 6211)
Quality beige elastic construction 12" length. ... [more]
Elastic Spiral Knee Support (Prod 6212)
12" Deluxe version of the 601. This knee support has 3 spiral f ... [more]
FlexiShoe™ (Prod 6228)
Weighing less than six ounces, the pressure free FlexiShoe™ is ... [more]
FootRest (Prod 6227)
The Footrest™ surgical shoe is designed to ease post-oper ... [more]
Healing Shoe (Prod 6218)
Patented rocker sole features padded upper and double cushioned i ... [more]