RS Medical

Product Listings for RS Medical
BioniCare Knee Device (Prod 3573)
Non-pharmacologic, non-invasive system for use with or without me ... [more]
Homestretch (Prod 3124)
Portable, pneumatic-powered home use lumbar traction device. ... [more]
Pronex (Prod 3123)
A lightweight, pneumatic home cervical traction device. ... [more]
RS-2i Sequential Stimulator (Prod 5032)
2-Channel electrotherapy device that uses advanced digital infere ... [more]
RS-4i Sequential Stimulator (Prod 5028)
In a single treatment, its unique multi-stage Sequential Stimulat ... [more]
RS-4m Muscle Stimulator (Prod 5030)
Personal, home-use stimulator that delivers electrical impulses t ... [more]
RS-TENS Plus (Prod 5031)
Two-channel transcutaneous electrotherapy device designed to stim ... [more]
SmarPReP 2 (Prod 1501013)
The SmarPReP 2 redefines platelet concentrate systems. The new sy ... [more]