RJ Industries, Inc.

Product Listings for RJ Industries, Inc.
Orthotykes Arm Sling (Prod 7057)
Pediatric arm slings. ... [more]
Orthotykes Cervical Collar (Prod 7056)
Pediatric cervical collars. ... [more]
Orthotykes Clavicle Strap (Prod 7051)
Multiple sizes for the pediatric patient. ... [more]
Orthotykes Hip Abduction Braces (Prod 7054)
Pediatric hip abduction braces. Come as adjustable or fixed. ... [more]
Orthotykes Knee Immobilizer (Prod 7053)
Pediatric knee immobilizer. ... [more]
Orthotykes Opposition Thumb Splint (Prod 7058)
Pediatric splint to maintain thumb abduction. Multiple other spl ... [more]
Orthotykes Pavlik Harness (Prod 7050)
For hip dislocation and dysplasia. Harness care booklet included ... [more]
Orthotykes Shoulder Immobilizer (Prod 7052)
Pediatric shoulder immobilizers. ... [more]
SOCS AFOs for Children (Prod 7055)
Cost effective alternative to custom bracing. Over 45 sizes and ... [more]