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Consensus Sterilization Tray System (Prod 3220)
Replaces Aesculap or Genesis sterilization tray systems. Faster, ... [more]
Fiberoptic Headlights (Prod 3227)
Single, Bifurcated, and Mini fiberoptic headlight models. ... [more]
I-SposeĀ® Face Shields (Prod 8046)
Affordable, comfortable and reliable eye protection for workers i ... [more]
Kontainers & Kradles (Prod 3229)
For sterilizing, storing, or transporting instruments. Savings t ... [more]
Lamps from Original Manufacturers (Prod 3228)
Alm, Hanalux, Stryker, and some Luxtec lamps for sale. Repair/ex ... [more]
Light Source and Cable Repair (Prod 8047)
Fiberoptic headlight cable and endoscopy cable repair. Fiberopti ... [more]
White Sun (Prod 3226)
Industry standard high intensity 300 watt Xenon light source at a ... [more]