Peter Brehm

Product Listings for Peter Brehm
ARR-Titan (Prod 3289)
The acetabular reconstruction ring (ARR) is shaped like the anato ... [more]
CAS-Titan (Prod 3292)
The CAS prosthesis has been developed to take specific account of ... [more]
Dysplasia Revision Cup Type Erlangen/ MRS-Titan (Prod 3288)
Revision cups for the reconstructive management of extensive acet ... [more]
MRP-Titan (Prod 3294)
The modular structure with reduced stock of this revision stem al ... [more]
NCC-Titan/ Vector-Cup/ Muller-Cup (Prod 3287)
These are primary cups that are cemented, non cemented, and Mulle ... [more]
Titan-Prosthesis Type Erlangen (Prod 3291)
Femoral component ready for robot-assisted implantation ... [more]
Vektor CoCr (Prod 3293)
The VECTOR-CoCr is a prosthetic femoral stem physiologically and ... [more]
Vektor-Titan (Prod 3290)
The VEKTOR-Titan primary stem is a physiologically and biomechani ... [more]
WSI-Titan (Prod 3286)
A spine rod/screw/hook system using the titanium alloy, Ti6Al7Nb ... [more]