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Epidural Positioning Device (Prod 6566C1115.1)Epidural Positioning Device (Prod 6566C1115.1)
Epidural positioning device with mobile floor stand Includes ... [more]
Epidural Positioning Device, Electric (Prod 151121C1115.1)Epidural Positioning Device, Electric (Prod 151121C1115.1)
For Lumbar and Cervical Placements Encourages flexion while mai ... [more]
LAST Table (Leg & Shoulder Therapy Table) (Prod 1510211C1115.1)LAST Table (Leg & Shoulder Therapy Table) (Prod 1510211C1115.1)
Ergonomically designed, the LAST Leg & Shoulder Therapy with Hi-L ... [more]
THERA-P Electric Treatment Table (Prod 1510212C1115.1)THERA-P Electric Treatment Table (Prod 1510212C1115.1)
Ease of use, multiple options and a sleek but durable design make ... [more]